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You need to provide (upload to us) 100 points of ID. This must include one Primary ID plus one or two forms of Secondary ID to make up your 100 points.
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Here are the acceptable forms of PRIMARY IDENTIFICATION

Document TypeDescriptionPoints
Australian Drivers LicenceFull Licence with photo and signature60
Valid Australian PassportWith photo, Date of Birth and signature70
Australian/State Government issued Proof of Age/Identity card ONLY when combined with a Medicare card which includes the applicant’s nameQLD: Adult Proof of Age Card issued by QLD Govt Transport and Main Roads

ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

NT: Evidence of Age Card issued by NT Govt Transport Group
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

NSW: NSW Photo Card issued by NSW Govt Transport Roads and Traffic Authority
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

ACT: Proof of Age Card issued by ACT Govt Road User Services
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

SA: Proof of Age Card issued by SA Govt Dept for Transport Energy and Infrastructure
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

VIC: Proof of Age Card issued by Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

WA: Proof of Age Card issued by WA Govt Department of Transport
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

TAS: Tasmanian Government Personal Information Card issued by Services Tasmania
ONLY with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name

Australian Learners PermitOnly when combined with a Medicare Card which has the applicant’s name60
International Passport with valid visa with expiry date beyond the contract expiry dateCountry of Origin: Expiry date of Visa must be beyond the contract term*


If no current Visa is visible, relevant Immigration papers confirming the end date of the current visa must be provided

Must have Date of Birth on document

New Zealand passport holders don't need a VISA to enter Australia, so we don’t require a VISA expiry date
Blind Citizens Australia Identity Card

Current Blind Citizens Australia Identity cards are an acceptable form of Primary ID. Cards are valid for 3 years

Note: Blind Citizens Australia have stopped issuing or renewing identity cards from 01/01/2015

Valid Police/Defence Force IDWith photo 60 
Valid Shooters/Firearms LicenceWith photo60 

Here are the acceptable forms of SECONDARY IDENTIFICATION

Document TypeDescriptionPoints
Medicare cardThis is the preferred Secondary ID option and the first form of Secondary ID that will normally be requested40
Credit, Debit, or ATM cardAustralian financial institution cards only
The customer's name must be printed on the front of the card
Financial Institution name
Credit, Debit or ATM cards are the last option if you are unable to provide any other type of Secondary ID
Birth Certificate or Original Birth ExtractNOTE: if your name has been changed by marriage, you’ll need to provide the Marriage Certificate instead(or is it as well!!)

Valid Working With Children CardMust include photograph50
Valid Australian Government issued benefits cardE.g. Aged Pension card, Seniors Card, Disability Support Pension card
Utility Bill, Vehicle Registration or Rates NoticeIt needs to be less than six months old25
Tertiary Student ID cardMust have:
- Photo
- Student Number-Issuing body such as University or TAFE
Private Health Insurance Membership card 25
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You may be charged a pro-rata of the first months fee depending when your service is activated during the month.

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