Charge Type Charge Amount
Visa 0.89 %
Mastercard 0.89 %
American Express 2.75 %
Diners Club 2.75 %
BPAY $ 0.90
Australia Post $ 3.00
Cheque $ 2.00
Bank Payment - EFT $ 0.00
Bank Direct Debit Dishonour Fee $ 5.00
Credit Card Dishonour Fee $ 5.00
Late Payment Fee $ 15.00

Overdue Accounts Incur Debt Collection Processes & Fees

Any accounts not paid by 30 days of the due date, will have all services barred.

Accounts in arrears 60 days or more will see the services terminated with all outstanding moneys becoming due and payable immediately.

Further, you will indemnify us and will be liable for, all loss and damage, out-of-pocket expenses and all other reasonable expenses and disbursements incurred by us in this matter, including but not limited to legal costs on a solicitor/own basis, Search fees and debt collection costs (as if the debt had been collected) and any other contingent expenses incurred by us for the enforcement of any obligations we are at liberty to take against you, for the recovery of moneys owed by you to us.


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